being able to identify an artist by their drawing style is such a great feeling i dont know what kinda exp that gets me but it feels like ive leveled up

Oh man when I find a Sam Wolfe Connelly or a Sam Weber or even when I’m like “Man it looks like James Jean is doing weird stuff again—OH HE IS” it’s the greatest feeling. 

sarantopouloshit asked: Which app do you use?(sorry my english)

No worries! It’s an app called “Paper” by 53, for the iPad. The app itself is free, but if you want more than basic pen and eraser tools, you’ll have to purchase them. ;) I also bought a cheap stylus to make drawing easier.

three things I’ve learned about writing

  1. If you have a big writing project, you’re going to have a crisis about it every couple of months. That’s just how it goes. You’ll think everything you’ve written is terrible and no one will like your stupid characters and your plot is a mess and who even cares about vampires anymore and there’s no way you can pull this off and then a couple days later you’ll feel fine and go back to writing.
  2. Writing every day does actually help. Like, the thing no one tells you is that even if you write two lines of absolute crap every day, eventually you’ll get to the end of your draft. Writing every day to “exercise your creative brain” and “slowly improve” is great and all, but getting something done has been way more encouraging than any improving or “exercising” I might have done.
  3. Going out and experiencing new things will help you write more varied and interesting stuff. Each detail you take in is another tool to help you get across characters, settings, and concepts in your story. The more experiences you have, the more options you have to choose from. “Write what you know” is kind of a limiting and confusing phrase; it should probably be more like, “Write what you like, but back it up with things that you know about or have read about extensively on the internet because it’s just so freaking interesting.”